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  About Patna
This was when Chandragupta Maurya elevated the King to the status of a Hero, revolutionizing the way the state was run and laying the foundations of a greater India. The King found an able partner in Chanakya, his mentor and strategist in chief, and the legend behind the Arthashastra, the document that continues to lay down the rules of statesmanship in the modern day.
By the time it was Ashoka’s moment to grace the coveted throne, the shine of Pataliputra (the name Patna was known by at the time) had touched the far corners of the globe. King Ashoka merely stepped things further. As he embraced Buddhism, harmony and peace became the founding pillars of a new state, and a new era of glory. This was also the time when the legend of Nalanda university took shape, as it became the epicenter of pioneering progresses in education, and a shrine of unparalleled thought leadership.
Patna was the timeless land of those who dared to rise. It was India’s time of triumph. And a nation’s finest hour.
Today, for those ready to peel away the layers of history, the allure of Patna remains intact. In evey hood, on every street. In the new millennium, be it heritage or cuisine, culture or creativity, Pataliputra, the city where it all began, continues to stand singular, sensuous, supreme.
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